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Homage to Prof. Abbas Shafiee

Prof. Shafiee is an icon in the pharmaceutical science history of Iran known for his contributions and will be remembered forever for the services he rendered as a scientist and teacher.


There are certain people who make an emblem on your mind and life. One such elite soul was Prof. Abbas Shafiee who breathed his last on 15 June, 2016 after a brief illness. It’s very difficult to write about a person, but at the same time quite interesting that Dr.Shafiee was. There is no dearth of lettered people in this world but people with compelling vision and inspiration are scarce. Prof. Shafiee shaped the career of many people in his five decade tenure as professor, groomed a highly dedicated group of medicinal chemists and enlightened the current student at faculty of pharmacy in broader perspective. His demise has been a major setback to school of pharmacy and pharmaceutical industry in general and his students in particular.  Dr. Shafiee was more than a professor, patron, mentor, an inspiring teacher, fond of teaching, who not only would inculcate scientific knowledge but each word he would speak was highly substantial interwoven in a web of though and meaning.  He was acquainted with high principles, ethos and morals,  an inspiring, punctual teacher who disseminated value-based education; dealt with his topics and research related questions & queries in a scholarly, in-depth, fascinating, intelligent, systematically,  beautiful and analytical way. He left an everlasting, tenacious and exemplary influence on his students and colleagues.


A myriad of emotions flood over my mind when I walk past his chamber; which I would love to visit and greet him is no more entrancing. Sea of fond memories tears my heart apart; melts down me desperate for a fix. His untiring efforts in delivering his best to students in particular and community in general in all circumstances won him appreciation from people belonging to different quarters of life. He was an upright example of knowledge and wisdom.  Words can’t do justice in describing the noble teacher I have ever seen. He was indeed a unique, eloquent, charismatic, generous to a fault, who as a teacher  cum administrator showed his mettle as a strong person with meticulous discipline, dedication and utmost commitment in delivering best to his students...A couple of weeks before he felt sick I was supposed to send some chemical samples to other university.. Hurriedly, I entered in his office along with the samples, but had forgotten to wrap the eppendorps. I left his office in a jiffy with the purpose to get a wrapper, as I returned back within few minutes he wasn’t in his office; I got out, knowing he would be in his laboratory. Whilst, I entered into the lab, I was astonished to see that he not only had wrapped the samples but was about to leave to handover the pack to the university mailman…! God had chosen him as a noble teacher to open minds, touch hearts and shape minds.  He worked zealously beyond the call of duty. His time schedule was to the dot. He was the one who used to be there the whole time.. One of his rhetoric facet which  always echoes in my mind, he’d attract students attention in the classroom or while discussing research work was by saying ”tavaajoh mikonid”( Do you get what I am saying ?) followed by that unforgettable smile!

The naïve thoughts of hope of  “Pidare Darosazi Iran” (Father of Iranian pharmaceutical science) return to campus again ended up with a major setback on Wednesday, 15 June 2015 (inna lilahe wa iina ilaihi rajaoun).

As his student, today when I pay tribute to the deceased icon, I take pride in saying that Prof. Shafiee career was an epitome of hard work, dedication, honesty and discipline. Over the past more than three years, I watched him as a pious person with strong religious beliefs and follow up practices. May Almighty rest his soul in eternal peace (Ameen)


My dearest teacher, your death left me in a profound despair,

With heartache difficult to mend; sick at heart, hard to back up

Broken yet holding on                                      

The tender memories linger everyday with an arena itself

...Will always miss you Sir!

But you and your spirit and diligence to work pops within my heart the zeal and strengthens me to go ahead.

With Fond Memories

Bilqees Sameem

Student @TUMS-IC



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