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English Lecture Series: Ms. Saeedeh Khazaei

The 2nd lecture of winter semester english lecture series was held by Ms. Saeedeh Khazaei (PhD Candidate of Pharmaceutical Biomaterials Dept.) on Nov 19, 2018 in the title of Biomedical Applications of Self-Assembling Peptides.
With our increasing understanding of the mechanisms of protein folding, we have now reached a stage that we can begin to build peptides and proteins to assemble into predefined, but complex structures for diverse applications in materials and biomedical sciences. Through rational design and engineering of (poly)peptides many different kinds of assemblies. Moreover, peptides can be modified with lipids or synthetic and natural polymers to gain even more flexibility in the self-assembling properties. Because of these features, self-assembling peptides are interesting candidates for biomedical applications.





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