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English Lecture Series: Ms. Hanie Mohammad Alizadeh

The fifth lecture of winter semester english lecture series was held by Ms. Hanie Mohammad Alizadeh (PharmD student of Faculty of Pharmacy, TUMS) on Dec 31, 2018 in the title of Millennial Generation.

Summary of the talk:

Millennial” generation are the ones who were born between 1980-2000 (38-18 years old in 2018). The Millenials have been subject to several strong environmental and cultural influences including the omnipresence of online technology since birth, novel modes of communication (cell phones, texting, email), the absence of strong “hero” figures and so on.

In this presentation, we want to become familiar with this “Me” generation, try to understand their strengths and weaknesses and reviewing some literature to see what are the tips to maximize their learning in classrooms and impact at work.





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