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Graduation of international PhD student

Graduation of the first international PhD student in Department of Pharmacoeconomics and Pharmaceutical Administration

On Wednesday, January 23, 2019, the first international PhD student in the department of Pharmacoeconomics and pharmaceutical administration, Dr. Bereket Molla Tigabu, has successfully defended his thesis entitled “economic evaluation of fluid therapy in severe sepsis and septic shock”. His thesis was supervised by Dr. Majid Davari and Dr Abbas Kebriaeezadeh. The core part of the thesis was the cost-effectiveness analysis of albumin-based fluid therapy in Iran based on patient level data analysis and decision analytical modeling. The main findings of the study are albumin based fluid therapy has no statistically significant 28-days mortality reduction benefit and its use for fluid therapy of septic shock patients is not cost-effective in Iran. The examiners were highly satisfied by the research project and the organization of the presentation, so that they gave full mark to Dr. Tigabu. The referees also expressed their feelings for his accomplishment and wished him a bright future and success in his career. At the end of the ceremony, Dr Davari briefly stated that Bereket was an intelligent, hardworking, humble, sociable and productive student during his PhD program. The PhD defense meeting continued by expression of thanks from Bereket to his supervisors and all PhD students who helped and supported him during his stay in Tehran and was ended by photography. 





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