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Visiting of dean and vice dean of faculty of pharmacy, Damascus University and dean of the Syrian pharmacist syndicate and the delegation from the Faculty of Pharmacy

In this visit, which was held on Tuesday, June 28th, Prof. Sharifzadeh, dean of Faculty of Pharmacy, welcomed the guests and delegation and introducing the activities and achievements of the faculty, and Dr. Adhami, vice dean for international affairs and Dr. Khoei, head of Pharmaceutical Drug development center of the University presented a brief report about the faculty of pharmacy and growth center.

In this meeting, dean of faculty of pharmacy, Damascus University as well as dean of Syrian pharmacists syndicate asked questions about the educational programs and expressed their willingness to establish scientific and research collaboration, professors and students exchange and etc.

Following on this visit, Prof. Sharifzadeh, Prof. Sabzevari and Dr. Adhami accompany the guests to visit some of the labs of the faculty.












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