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Virtual meeting between Tehran University of Medical Sciences and Nizwa University

On November 15th, a virtual meeting was held between the officials of school of Pharmacy and Nursing of Nizwa University in Oman and the officials from Faculties of Pharmacy and Nursing-Midwifery of Tehran University of Medical Sciences.

Following the visit of the officials from Faculty of Pharmacy from Nizwa University on December 2018 which led to a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between two universities, the mentioned virtual meeting was held by coordination of Oman Cooperation Desk.

In this meeting, after welcoming by the deans of faculties, the issues of cooperation between two universities were discussed.

The outlines of this virtual meeting were as follows:

1. Educational cooperation, especially in counseling and cooperation for holding joint Master's degrees in the field of pharmacy and nursing
2. Cooperation to establish a pharmaceutical growth center at Nizwa University
3. Establishment of educational workshops and webinars in cooperation with the faculties
4. Investigating the possibility of clinical and industrial internships for Omani students
5. Exchange of professors and students between two universities

Finally, for more detailed planning for each disciplines of pharmacy and nursing, contact persons from both universities were selected to directly discuss relevant issues.




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