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Clinical Pharmacy Summer School

In this summer, Faculty of Pharmacy at Tehran University of Medical Sciences organized the third international summer school specifically in clinical pharmacy with collaboration of Clinical Pharmacy Department and co-organization of Iranian Pharmacy Students Association (IFSA). Due to the situation of Covid-19, this school was held virtually in 6 specialized sessions totally 18 hours in 3 weeks. This program was welcomed by many international applicants and 364 students and pharmacists from 34 different countries were attended.

On the first day of this school, on August 7th, Psychiatric Disorders were presented by Dr. Mohebbi and discussed by introducing of multiple cases and their treatments.




On August 9th, the second day of the school, Critical Care Pharmacotherapy was presented and discuses by Prof. Mojtahedzadeh, Dr. Najmeddin and Dr. Shahrami specifically on shock management.




The subject of the 3rd session, on August 11, was the study CKD & Kidney Diseases with presentation of Prof. Dashti. During this session, students learnt about the complications of kidney failures and their treatments.




In the 4th session on August 14th, Dr. Amini explained Pulmonary Disorders, especially asthma, their different treatment protocols as well as method of used of respiratory medical devices.




The 5th session of this school on August 16th was about Corona virus (Covid-19), the nature of the disease and different treatment protocols which was discussed by Prof. Khalili. Due to the importance of this issue, the meeting was accompanied by questions and answers of participants.




Finally, in the last session which was held on September 25th, Dr. Faghihi presented and discussed about the Pediatric Disorders and explained how to manage and treat them.





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