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Malaysian Delegation Visits

On Saturday, January 29th, 2022, Dr. Muhammad Taufiq, deputy dean of Faculty of Pharmacy of International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM) visited the Faculty of Pharmacy of Tehran University of Medical Sciences.

This meeting was held with the participation of Dr. Hamid-Reza Adhami, vice dean for international affairs of Faculty of Pharmacy, Dr. Omid Sabzevari, the head of the desk for international cooperation between TUMS and the Universities of Malaysia, Dr. Alireza Foroumadi, head of the department of medicinal chemistry, Dr. Farid Dorkoosh, international representative of pharmaceutics department and Dr. Sima Sadrai, a member of the thinking room for international cooperation between TUMS and the Malaysia.

After welcoming and introducing the participants, Dr. Adhami and Dr. Sabzevari explained regarding the performance, facilities, achievements, capacity and potential of the faculty for establishing international communication, and each of them presented the future plans of the faculty in the form of short-term plans, student exchange programs, holding summer schools, in person and virtual webinars.  The meeting ended with questions and answers between the parties. In the following, deputy dean of Faculty of Pharmacy of International Islamic University of Malaysia visited various parts of the faculty, including: cell culture Lab, pharmacology research Lab, drug and poisons kinetics lab, molecular research lab, genetic engineering lab, natural products research and quality control lab, herbarium and pharmaceutics and medicinal chemistry laboratories and briefly talked with some of the professors.

After that, the guests had a visit of pharmaceutical Drug development center of the Tehran University of Medical Sciences. During this visit, Dr. Khoei, head of pharmaceutical drug development center of the university, introduced this center as the first and most productive center for drug development in the country with a history of more than twenty years and explained the staff status and facilities of the complex. Subsequently, Alvand and Nanotech pharmaceutical companies were introduced as companies based in this center and their managers explained about their activities. Cooperation capacities and opportunities to enter the Malaysian market were also discussed at the meeting.

In the following, 13 Aban pharmacy complex was visited as the main center of pharmacy complex of Tehran University of Medical Sciences. Dr. Elham Hadidi, international representative of pharmacies of Tehran University of Medical Sciences and head of pharmacotherapy care clinic, explained the history of pharmacy establishment, physical distribution, human resources and services of different units of faculty pharmacies and university hospital pharmacies. Then, the guests visited different sections such as pharmacology and pharmaceutical information Center, 13 Aban Pharmacy, 13 Aban pharmacotherapy care clinic and the necessary explanations were provided by the head of those sections.



















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