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International Council of Faculty of Pharmacy

On March 7th, a meeting was held with the participation of vice chancellor for international affairs of Tehran University of Medical Sciences and the deputies, dean of faculty of pharmacy and the deputies, as well as the head of departments and their representative for international affairs.
After welcoming by Prof. Amini, Dr. Aytai introduced his colleges and delegations to participants, also explained briefly about their future plane. Then Dr. Adhami, presented a summary of activities of international affairs of faculty of pharmacy. After that Dr. Nekofar presented about Tums Ranking and its importance.
Following the meeting, members expressed their views on internationalization of the university, such as: increasing regional interactions, attention to the needs of applicants, attracting top students, equipping dormitories, supporting professors, encourage professors to attract foreign students and
At the end after summarizing, Prof. Ayati welcomed all professors' suggestions for future planning.









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