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Department of Pharmacognosy in Faculty of Pharmacy, Tehran University of Medical Sciences was established in 1961. Its background refers to the traditional history of more than ten centuries and has produced more than 50 outstanding and talented PhD graduates in pharmacognosy. Pharmacognosy is the science of bioactive natural substances found in plants, animals, microbes and minerals. Researchers in this field investigate on natural compounds, new therapeutic agents and also on medicinal plants that include the subjects of botany, chemistry and pharmacology.

There are about 30 students annually who choose their undergraduate thesis under supervision of our members. All the undergraduate students are required to pass 16 core and noncore units in department of pharmacognosy. Training PhD students in this field has begun since 1986. PhD Students are required to pass about 20 theory-practical core units and 16 noncore units and about 20 units of thesis. PhD students have active participation in research projects. Educational and research centers, industries and related organizations need to have experts in this field. According to this fact at least 10 experts are absorbed yearly. This department is established in the center of the campus of university and includes: classroom building, education research laboratories, herbarium and a herboratum. There are 4 laboratories with great facilities and there is a herbarium with international code (TEH), to keep numerous medicinal species. The students can attend in various retraining courses and workshops during the semester. Also close cooperation among all students, staffs and members of the department obviously feels in all parts of education.



Head of Department


  Abbas Hadjiakhoondi 


  Office: 1-210

  Tel: +98 21 66494996

  Email: abbhadji@tums.ac.ir




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