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    Research Fields


-Discovery and validation of new anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, anti-Alzheimer and anti-hypertension drugs.

-Molecular modeling and simulation of bimolecular structure, dynamics and interactions.

-Separation and identification of natural products

-Application of Mass, NMR and other spectrophotometric techniques to the elucidation of natural products and small molecular structures.

-Synthesis and evaluation of novel biopolymers for site-targeted drug delivery.

-Synthesis of new chromogenic and fluorogenic markers for the analysis of elements and drugs.

-The development of new analytical methods for the determination and identification of chemical compounds and drugs in different matrices.



   Department of Medicinal Chemistry is in Close Cooperation with :


The department has been jointed to two research centers (Pharmaceutical Sciences Research Center and Drug Design & development Research Center) to develop its research activities.


Research properties in the above research centers include:

-Docking study for finding new lead compounds

-Synthesis of new compounds in order to develop biological activities

-Development of analytical methods for identification and determination of drugs in different matrixes


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