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 Research Fields

- Neuropharmacology

- Neurotoxicology

- Pharmaceutical management

- Pharmacoeconomy

- Rational use of medicine



Department of Pharmacoeconomics and Pharmaceutical Administration is in Close Cooperation with :


Recently Pharmacoeconomics and Pharmaceutical Administration group has obtained the establishment license of "research center of drug policy making".

Aims of research center of drug policy making:


  1. Conducting researches in these fields:

              - Health system policy making

              - Accessibility to drugs

              - Affordability

              - Equity in health system

              - Quality management of medical products

              - Pharmacoeconomics  in micro and macro fields

              - Rationale  drug use

              - Medicine marketing

              - Drug export development

              - Supply chain management

              - Budgeting

              - Clinical trials

              - Health technology assessment

  1. Publication of related magazines, books, article…
  2. Participate in training efficient human resources
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