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The Department of Pharmaceutics, considered as the oldest and largest department in the faculty of pharmacy, was developed at the beginning of the foundation of the faculty of pharmacy with the title of "the Department of Manufacturing and Application of the Medicines" and was renamed to " the Department of industrial pharmacy" and later to " the Department of Pharmaceutics" in recent years. In addition to educational activities in the faculty, this department has been considered as the first pharmaceutical manufacturing factory in Iran as "The Pharmaceutical Incubator" located in North Kargar Avenue. Historically, the Pharmaceutical Incubator was a pioneer in formulation, manufacturing and supplying of all required dosage forms in the hospitals of the Tehran University of Medical Sciences.

The Department of the Pharmaceutics is considered as one the most active educational and research departments in the faculty. Till now, several departments including the department of clinical pharmacy, the department of food and drug control, the department of nanotechnology and the department of biomaterials were derived from the Department of Pharmaceutics.

The Department offers a training environment with both undergraduate and graduate programs leading to Pharm D and PhD degrees. These programs make graduates scientifically proficient in the field of pharmaceutics and drug delivery systems.

The research activities of the Department are supported by ongoing research projects funded by various grants and contracts from the university or other sources. The research projects include the general areas of product research and development, formulation, particle engineering in both micro and nano scales, processing of chemical and biotechnology based drugs, pharmacokinetics, drug metabolism, and design and development of novel drug delivery systems (DDS) specially focused on nanotechnology and protein and peptide based DDS.



Head of Department

  Kambiz Gilani

  Associate Professor

  office: 1-124-3  

  tel: +98 21 66959057





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