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The Department of pharmaceutical biotechnology was founded in 1998. It has got some research laboratories, in which several kinds of projects are performed, mainly in the development of recombinant proteins, enzyme technology, gene cloning and nanobiotechnology. The Department has teaching and research programs which encompass various basic and applied aspects of traditional and modern biotechnology. Currently, the department members are enrolled in teaching of five credits in pharm D program and about 20 credits of PhD courses.  In the past fifteen years, more than 300 academic papers have been published in international journals and most of them have been used in national and international academic conferences. We have also assumed and completed more than 110 research projects, published 6 specialty books and won about 4 prizes from academic festivals of Tehran University of Medical Sciences. The Department has also been successful in manufacturing three pharmaceutical proteins and some laboratory test kits.


Head of Department


  Zargham Sepehri Zadeh

  Associate Professor

  Office: 1-204

  Tel: +98 21

  Email: zarghamsz@yahoo.com



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