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Main Research Areas:

The research projects will focus on the clinical dilemmas to address the development and therapeutic application of pharmaceutical biomaterials for the prevention and treatment of diseases and biological dysfunction at the systematic whole body, organ, tissue, cellular and molecular levels in experimental and theoretical manner.

In this regards, functionalization, immobilization, and surface chemistry optimization in various in-vitro, in-situ, in-vivo and in-silco models resulting in the development of novel synthetic or natural biocompatible materials.

The main focal points include targeted drug and gene delivery, real time monitoring of cellular metabolic activities and developing appropriate and biocompatible coatings for implants, stents and artificial organs. Furthermore, different living systems such as cells, bacterial and viruses might be served as biomaterials for certain targeted tasks defined by pharmaceutical sciences to overcome cellular and tissue malfunctions occurring in the patients.

Technical approaches

• Development, characterization and evaluation of novel biomaterials for pharmaceutical applications

• Evaluation of interfacial interactions between biomolecules and cells with biomaterials at the molecular and cellular levels (experimental and theoretical approaches)

• Modifications of the materials surface to promote their interactions with the biological tissues to fulfill biomedical applications defined for medical devices, drug, and gene carriers and diagnostic gadgets.

• Application of microfluidic system, lab and cell on chip, organ-on chip, lab-in-cell, electrospining, imprinting, electrochemical means, NEMS (Nano Electro Mechanical Systems) and MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems)


Ethical issues

• Safety and cautious means involved in working with pharmaceutical biomaterials

• Bioethics of working with biological matters

• Ethical principles involved in education and research

• Ethics of management and personal affairs

• Ethics of disposals and waste products



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