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Spin-off Companies:


- Zist Takhmir

about company
Company knowledge-based bio-fermentation research work in the field of probiotic products since 1381 in the Faculty of Pharmacy, Tehran University of Medical Sciences has started. The company has 368,211 registered in 1388 and joined the growing number of pharmaceutical products Tehran University of Medical Sciences Income and is now able to mass production of probiotic dietary supplements in capsule and sachet forms and oral drops have been 6.

1. Sachet for Children KidiLact

2. capsule FamiLact for all family members

3. capsule GeriLact for the elderly.

4. capsules LactoFem for Women

5. LactoCare capsules for people with greater need for safety

6. PediLact oral drops for babies and children



- Pooyesh Darou







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