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News | English Lecture Series: Dr. Amir Amani

English Lecture Series: Dr. Amir Amani
The 1st lecture of winter semester english lecture series was held by Dr. Amir Amani on Oct 03, 2016 in the title of Nano approaches to drug delivery: a focus on applications of nanomaterials

Nanotechnolgy is the science and technology of manipulating materials at molecular levels to obtain novel physicochemical characteristics from a material. Nanomedicine, the science and technology of applying nanotechnology in medicine has gained a considerable attention throughout the world in recent years. Applications of nano in drug delivery a long with many other branches of medicine such as biosensors and regenerative medicine has now become center of attention in pharmaceutics. This seminar will cover some aspects of nano-pharmaceutics and what "nano" can do for drug delivery. A short talk on toxicity of nanomaterials will also be given.