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News | English Lecture Series: Dr. Zahra Jahangard Rafsanjani

English Lecture Series: Dr. Zahra Jahangard Rafsanjani
The next lecture of summer semester english lecture series (2019) was held by Dr. Zahra Jahangard Rafsanjani on May 13, 2019 in the title of Supplements Role in Cancer.

Summary of the talk:

Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) modalities are an important choice among cancer patients. Dietary supplements are used by 20%–85% of individuals after being diagnosed with cancer.

Cancer survivors, as defined as subjects who have received a diagnosis of malignant tumor, form a large and heterogeneous clinical spectrum of patients that includes on the one hand subjects with limited-stage, surgically removed disease, and, on the other hand, patients with metastatic disease.

Different aspects of Supplement use in the context of cancer prevention, reduction of tumor recurrences and survival prolongation in advanced cancers are investigated. in this lecture we focus on supplements role in these three aspects.